• Seat Back Failures

    || 27-Sep-2017

    Did you know that auto manufacturers design their front seats to fail upon a rear-end collision. It's true. What happens is that when a vehicle is hit from behind at a high rate of speed the front bucket seats are likely to break and recline back very fast, sometimes causing the person in the front seat to slip out of the seat – towards the back seat. Their head will sometimes hit the ...
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    || 1-Sep-2017

    When you get into a car accident and it's not your fault, chances are you can expect a call from the at-fault party's insurance company to ask you about the accident. Often times the insurance company will ask you if they can record your statement. The statement they are asking to record is something they intend to use against you. It's definitely not intended to help you. It is not ...
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  • What To Do After An Auto Accident

    || 18-Aug-2017

    What to do after an auto accident Move your vehicle to a safe location Injuries If you or anyone involved in the accident appears to be injured be sure to tell the 911 emergency dispatcher who is injured and how bad they appear to be injured, e.g., is someone unconscious, is someone bleeding from their head, is someone holding their leg and crying out in pain. Call 911 Contact the police to report ...
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  • Black Box in Your Car

    || 31-Jul-2017

    We have all heard about airplanes having black boxes, which is the main thing that is searched for after a plane crashes. It has important data in it that can tell us how the plane crashed, in terms of what the pilots may or may not have been doing as well as any problems that the plane may have been experiencing right before it crashed. Did you know your car might have a black box too? Yes, your ...
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  • Charitable Causes

    || 26-Jun-2017

    The Accident Injury Law Center believes in giving back to the community and to organizations that do good for the world and especially those that support children in need. One such organization is the Orangewood Children's Home located in Orange, California. Orangewood provides housing and education, and other services, for displaced children (children removed from their homes for various ...
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    || 1-Jun-2017

    Get the highest limits you can afford for uninsured motorist ("UM") and underinsured motorist ("UIM") coverage. There are too many teenage drivers driving around looking directly at their cell phones while driving. These drivers typically have the minimum auto insurance limits $15,000 / $30,000. These days medical bills add up quick, so a minimum policy like this is usually ...
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    || 19-May-2017

    There seems to be a trend in people waiving the traffic collision report. Don't waive it; get it. What I'm hearing from people is that an officer will come to the scene of the accident and will suggest to the parties involved in the accident that there is no need for a traffic collision report since the parties have exchanged all the required information and liability seems to be clear as ...
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    || 28-Feb-2017

    Defensive driving is a skill learned over time. The result of defensive driving is that it saves lives, time, and money. We all have seen the freeway slowed to a crawl when an accident has occurred. Although it seems like it takes forever to get through the traffic, it takes even much more time to be on the side of the road after being involved in an accident. All too often we see the sports cars, ...
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  • Swimming Pool Injuries / Claims

    || 1-Aug-2016

    Pools are fun, but can also be very dangerous, which is why there are very specific laws governing the safety of private and public pools in California. The following is a partial summary of those laws/rules: Private Pools Safety Feature Requirements (At least 1 of these 7 is required): Enclosure at least 60 inches high with a self-latching and self-closing gate; Mesh fencing with a self-closing ...
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