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How Personal Injury Attorney Moses Yneges Can Help You

The Accident Injury Law Center (TAILC) wants to talk to you if you have suffered an unanticipated injury that has negatively affected your life. Experienced personal injury attorney Moses Yneges proudly offers compassionate legal help to clients throughout California, and he looks forward to helping you.

Contact Mr. Yneges today to discuss your claim. There’s no charge for the time he spends learning about your claim to determine whether he can help you. Mr. Yneges strives to return all phone calls in a timely manner. He places a high emphasis on customer service to provide you with the level of assistance you deserve.


Our Client Reviews

Moses Yneges represented my daughter and I for an automobile accident. He was referred by a family friend. He took the time to come meet us at my house for the initial introduction. Our first impression is that he looks very SINCERE. Moses is patient, empathetic, and well experienced, always making sure of our well-being. His communication skill is excellent. Throughout the process, he gives us personalized and prompt attention.
Unfortunately, I was in another car accident. Without hesitation, I chose Moses again to represent me.
Ultimately, no settlement will bring back my original health but I am fortunate to have met the most HONEST attorney, Moses Yneges, who guided and represented me through these ordeals.

Lan Nguyen, Your Content Goes Here
I have had the pleasure of knowing attorney Moses Yneges for 5 years, and have worked with him in a legal environment for about two years. He is one of the most hardworking, detail oriented, caring, and trustworthy individuals I know! The only attorney I think of when referring a friend or family member who has been injured.
Gabriela Nuno, Your Content Goes Here
I’ve worked with Moses for several years and know him to be a great personal injury attorney. He works with efficiency and integrity. He communicates well with colleagues and clients. I recommend him to anyone looking to work with a professional in the industry.
AJ, Attorney, Your Content Goes Here
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When Should I Consult A Personal Injury Attorney

Why Work with Mr. Yneges?

Why should you work with personal injury attorney, Moses Yneges? Here are the reasons our clients choose us for their personal injury cases.

  • He Cares About the Details: When you work with Mr. Yneges at TAILC, he