What to Do After You Have Been Attacked by a Dog

Being attacked by a dog can cause a lot of distress. Dog bites don’t just cause physical pain, but they also create emotional pain. People dread being attacked and bitten by a dog. Injuries from a dog attack can range from mild to severe, and sometimes attacks can result in lifelong disfigurement. But what are you going to do if you or a family member has been attacked by a dog? In the event of a dog bite, you may need weeks or even months to heal from the injuries. You may need to take time off from work and get proper treatment. The loss of income and all the pain and suffering during this period can have a psychological impact on your mind.

While no one ever expects to be in this situation, it is always wise to be prepared to deal with the worst possible scenario. If you know what to do after a dog attack, you might be able to reduce the resulting trauma.

Key Steps to Follow after a Dog Attack

Key Steps to Follow after a Dog Attack-Orange county

Protection of your safety and your legal rights is paramount after you’ve been attacked by a dog. Below are some of the most important steps that you should remember to follow in this regard.

Who is the Dog’s Owner:

Finding the owner of the dog that attacked you is the very first thing you should do. If the dog was from your neighborhood, get the name and contact details of the neighbor. If you are in a new place, find out who the owner of the dog is. Then, write the details down. There is no need to discuss with the dog’s owner how you were attacked or what kind of injuries you sustained. However, do ask the dog owner for the pet’s vaccination records and whether the dog has ever attacked anyone else.

Get in Touch with the Animal Control:

Dog attacks and bites should be reported to the local animal control department in your city. Make the report as soon as possible, while the facts are still fresh in your mind. In California, dog owners are held fully responsible for the dog bite. In the majority of the cases, the liability is with the dog’s owner to answer why the dog bite happened. After you have reported the accident, the animal control department will create a report. This report will include all the essential details of the dog attack. You should ask for a copy of this report, as this document is crucial in regard to your safety and can help to support your legal claim.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention:

Dog bites should never be taken casually. Wounds from a dog attack can cause infection and it can spread in the entire body. Big wound or small, go straight to a clinic or a trained professional for proper treatment. As you are getting treated, strictly follow the doctor’s advice. Also, keep all the papers related to the accident in a proper manner. These papers will be required to document the injuries and file a compensation claim.

Collect Evidence of the Attack:

It is important to gather as much evidence of the dog attack as you can. If possible, use your smartphone to take photos of the dog as well as the scene where the incident occurred. Also, take photos of the wounds that you sustained as a result of the attack. Try to note the names and contact details of the witnesses present on the scene. If any of the witnesses informs you that the dog has a prior record of biting other people, record this information as well. All these details are crucial to your case of dog attack.

Talk to a Dog Bite Attorney:

Do you know a personal injury attorney who deals with dog bite cases in your city? If you do, contact them to discuss your case. If you don’t know an attorney, ask a friend and colleague for a recommendation. Not all attorneys have experience in dog attack cases. You should consult an attorney who is competent in the field of dog bites and the state laws concerning the same. An experienced attorney will know how dog bite law applies in Orange County CA. According to that, he/she will offer sound legal advice to establish your case strongly.

How Much Dog Bite Compensation are You Entitled to Receive?

The amount of compensation the victim of a dog bite may be entitled to receive varies from one case to another. It will depend on how severe your injuries are and what kind of losses you have suffered. To find out the details in this regard, you should discuss the specificity of your case with a personal injury lawyer. Your attorney will enlighten you on how much compensation you can get.

In a case of a dog bite, the attorney will file a claim to compensate for all the losses you have suffered due to the dog attack. Given below are some damages that your attorney will usually pursue for you.

Medical Expenses:

Treatment for wounds from a dog bite may include hospitalization, surgeries, medications and follow-up visit to the medical professional. The medical expenses will also include rehabilitative therapy that you may need as part of your overall treatment plan. Apart from all these, your attorney may also include the cost of any future anticipated treatment.

Loss of Income:

In the event of a dog bite, you may require to take leave or vacation from your job. If the injuries are severe you might not be able to return to the work for a certain period of time. You can make a claim for lost wages for the time you are out of work due to your injuries.

Emotional Suffering:

Aside from economic losses, a dog bite injury typically also results in a great deal of emotional trauma. The victim of a dog attack experiences loss of enjoyment of life, frustration with their condition, isolation from having to rest and heal, and other emotional losses which can not be seen but are definitely felt. Your personal injury attorney will help you evaluate the amount of pain you have gone through. The attorney will also include the non-economic losses in the compensation claim he or she files for you.

Seek the help of an experienced personal injury attorney for a correct assessment of all the damages and proper filing of the claim.

Dog Bite Laws in Orange County

Dog Bite Laws in Orange County

Every state has its own set of laws in regard to dog bites. If you reside in Orange County, CA, the county has laws regarding dog owners’ responsibility to keep their dogs on a leash when in public. If you see someone walking a dog without a leash you can call the police to report it, especially if it’s a medium to large size dog. Even a small dog can bite a child in the face and do irreparable damage to the child. If you witness a dog bite or are the victim of a dog bite/attack, call 911 to report the incident.

Talk to an Experienced Dog Bite Attorney

If you are a victim of a dog attack and don’t know what to do, give a phone call or head straight to the Accident Injury Law Center. Mr. Yneges and his compassionate team have successfully fought a number of dog attack cases and helped clients receive the maximum amount of compensation. Mr. Yneges is an accomplished dog bite attorney, who pays serious attention to each of his clients. He is an expert in evaluating the current and future anticipated losses in a dog bite case, which is required to know how much compensation will be fair.

Give the Accident Injury Law Center in Orange, CA, a phone call now to schedule your free consultation with Mr. Yneges to discuss your specific case and find out how he can help you put your life back on track.