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Who is Liable in Your Trucking Accident?

The commercial trucking industry is highly regulated. These regulations were necessary due to the risks giant rigs pose to other drivers on the road. With numerous parties responsible for the truck’s operation, including maintenance, loading, and management, all commercial trucks are adherent to various laws and regulations. When the trucks don’t comply, they put other motorists and their passengers at risk.

Here is a short list of potentially liable parties in a trucking accident.

  • Truck driver
  • Shipping company
  • Owner or Lessor
  • Truck Manufacturer
  • Loading Company

Just because you were injured in an accident doesn’t automatically make you versed in commercial trucking regulations. Therefore, you may not know who is responsible for your injuries. When you are left hurting due to driver or trucking company negligence, the claims may not stop there. You are encouraged to call Attorney Moses Yneges at TAILC to discuss your potential claim..

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