Bicycle Accident


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On July 5, 2022, a 73-year old bicyclist, Dac Them Kieu, died after a collision with a pickup truck in Fountain Valley, California. Unlike vehicle versus vehicle accidents, vehicle versus bicycle accidents often cause serious injuries or death. Everyone must do their best to respect everyone on the roadway. Bicyclists can be difficult to see or hear, because of their small size (in comparison to a motor vehicle), their slow speed (relative to a motor vehicle), and their lack of sound. Both bicyclists and vehicle drivers must be extra careful when traveling near each other. Any type of mistake can [...]

Cycling Injury Claims

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While riding a bicycle on the road, the cyclist is exposed to the possibility of being hit by a car, van, or other vehicle. Unlike driving in a car, a bicyclist does not have much protection around them at the time of a collision. This often results in a bicyclist being thrown off their bike and onto the roadway. Vehicle versus bicycle collisions can result in grave injuries, which can be life-threatening. Injuries from a bicycle accident can often affect the injured bicyclist for the rest of their life. It is not just a collision with a vehicle that can injure [...]

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