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The reason I decided to write this blog is because I read a headline today stating that a major auto manufacture is recalling thousands of hybrid vehicles due to the risk of fire. The risk involved the engine catching on fire even when the vehicles were not running. This indicates that such a fire can occur when the vehicle is parked in the garage, and no one is around the vehicle to put the fire out right away. If you have an electric or hybrid vehicle, be vigilant regarding the possibility of a fire. The last thing you want is [...]

Orange County Pedestrian Accident Lawyer and How to Claim

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The purpose of having crosswalks is to provide safe passage to pedestrians. Yet, the number of crosswalk pedestrian accidents is high. While pedestrians have the right way to cross the road at the marked crossing, it is also important for them to know when they should be in the crosswalk and when they should not be. However, getting injured in a crosswalk due to the negligence of the driver is a harsh reality. If you were hit or injured in a crosswalk, it is crucial to remain well-informed of your legal rights. You should be well-prepared to file a pedestrian [...]

Planning to File a Personal Injury Claim? Here’s What You Need to Know and Do to Prove Causation

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Going to the Doctor and Proving Causation For Personal Injury Claim When you have pain of any kind after an accident, do not assume that your body will heal itself and that the pain will go away, go to the doctor. If you do not have medical insurance, because you cannot afford it, apply for Medi-Cal or other public healthcare. If you do not get treatment right away for your pain or injury, the at-fault driver’s insurance company will use this as a reason to say that you were not injured in the accident. They will say that you are [...]

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