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Attorney Moses Yneges at The Accident Injury Law Center offers the services of experienced and compassionate legal assistance for all negligent driver and pedestrian accident claims in the greater Orange County area.

Reckless drivers can put the rest of us in grave danger, particularly when it comes to pedestrians. Pedestrians are always at risk at crosswalks, sidewalks, and other places where foot traffic and vehicle traffic merge. When drivers fail to exercise caution and vigilance, and pedestrians get hurt, those injury victims can be subject to catastrophic and life-threatening injuries.

Mr. Yneges knows what it’s like to navigate a severe pedestrian injury case. He will work closely with you to account for your medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation services, and all your other long-term needs. His zealous advocacy will give you the means to focus on what matters most: your complete recovery.

If the other side says that you are at fault for some reason, do not admit fault without speaking to a lawyer first. You may not be at fault, or you may only be partially at fault and still entitled to compensation.

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The Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Not every car accident involving a pedestrian is grounds for an injury suit. To take legal action against a motorist following your accident, you must demonstrate negligence. Negligence is most dangerous where traffic and pedestrians coexist.

Pedestrian accidents most likely occur:

  • At Intersections and crosswalks
  • On sidewalks and road shoulders
  • At bus stops and train platforms
  • In parking lots and garage structures
Orange County Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Many pedestrian accidents involving motor vehicles happen at the gas station. If you believe that a driver acted irresponsibly and with negligence in your pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Personal injury lawyer, Moses Yneges is well-versed in navigating car vs. pedestrian accidents and will ensure that every viable avenue toward recovering compensation is pursued to the fullest extent.

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